Technicals – Even More Ways to Arrange the Eight-Pointed Star

In the last articles under the Technical section I had posted some regarding how to build eight-pointed stars, one of the most common motifs in Islamic art, as well as how to arrange them in specific ways. This article will show you other methods of arranging this polygon, some with help of different types of polygons.

1. A variant of the Stars and Cross arrangement

This variation of the Stars and Crosses arrangement features a slight difference – the addition of a square in the middle of each cross. This arrangement is usually used for Jaalis or Masyrabias because of the empty spaces in the cross parts are filled, allowing more privacy.

2.With 2 different polygons

The eight-pointed stars are arranged that there are two different polygons are formed between the stars, here shown in cyan and dark blue. Two points on the upper part of the star is joined with the lower two points of another star to make a four sided diamond shape polygon, while two points of four stars are connected to create an octagon.

3. With Arrow-shaped polygons

The stars are arranged in a ladder-like way – one star is arranged lower than the other and goes on. The pointed sides in the cardinal direction (up, down, left and right)  are connected with each other and creates arrow shaped spaces between them.


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