Imagining Islamic Aesthetics #36 – Ottoman Architecture

I’m sorry for the late weekly Imagining Islamic Aesthetics post! If you are a fan of the Stars in Symmetry page on Facebook and check the page back often, you will know that I am in a  very unhealthy condition (and am still) so posting would slow down…but I try my best to keep on posting for your reads. I was working yesterday (even with my condition) and I only went home at almost 10.30 in the night, so I was very tired by the time I finished my work and I didn’t even checked my emails, went to bed immediately.

For this edition of Imagining Islamic Aesthetics, I would like to put the spotlight on Ottoman Architecture.


Author - Simm

Suleymaniye Mosque in the background  and Rustem Pasha Mosque in the foreground. Ottoman mosques have very distinct features. As most of the Ottoman mosques plans are based on the Hagia Sophia, a church in Constantinople (present day Istanbul), the mosques features and shares similar characteristics – flat, 1/4th of a sphere domes supplemented with miniature domes, thin pointy minarets and usages of decorative ornamentation such as Muqarnas or usage of Iznik Tiles.

The Topkapi Palace seen from the Bosporus Sea in Istanbul, Turkey. Ottoman palaces are sprawling sites that features gardens and fountains and contains many rooms such as the Harem or the Baths for the Sultan. This Topkapi palace houses a museum that holds Islam’s most precious artifacts – the Prophet Muhammad’s various items such as his swords, robes and even a preserved strand of hair believed to be a strand of his beard. The museum opens during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.



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