Miscellany – My New Business, and My Reasons Behind it…

You might notice the presence of a new banners in the home page, both on the left side and the bottom of the page, and that, my readers, is one of my business ventures I am actively introducing you…and not only for my personal financial gains, but actually it has quite some to do with this blog itself.

I am currently doing a shift work in the largest Hospital in my country, Brunei. While though, Thank God, my salary is acceptable enough to support myself and my family, I still need some few extra income not for my personal pleasure, but for my ongoing search of knowledge, especially the Islamic Art and Architecture kind.

I do not hold any diplomas or degrees, and you can categorize me in the
“college dropout” or “school dropout” kind of people…But I actually made a huge mistake in choosing what I wanted to study in my school years and as a result, I had to forget my wish to further my studies, now that I am having a full time job on my hand. But I excell (or at least, good at it) in Literature and Arts. I was some sort of “copy machine” for my friends in English classes, and though there is no art subject offered in my school, my friends (and a few teachers as well) noted my penchant for art…especially in Islamic aesthetics, though I still have no clear idea about it at that time, only having perusal of my observation.

I want to carry this blog further, and strech its limit. Again, it is all about the passion of Islamic Art.

One day I was thinking, while driving past one of the largest mosque here in Brunei. I was lost in my mind noting the usage of Islamic and Malay motifs on the facade of the mosque, the Architectural style derived from for the plan of the building (Turkish, if I might add!), the sublime gardens decorating the grounds…and I thought, would it be great if I took pictures featuring this mosque and write a descriptive book with it? It was a great idea in my mind…but I need money for it, because my salary isn’t enough to cover merely the expense of having a professional camera set…let alone to write a book.

This is one of the reason I joined the business : to get some income so that I can pursue my literature dream.

Another thing is that this business is about travel : they (and as their independant distributor, me) are selling holiday packages for the mass. Get this – they are selling resort packages that is actually up to five-star accomodations for ,in my honest opinion, and doing hotel and airfare bookings for me, my family and friends) a very, very cheap price. Imagine staying a six-nights-and-seven-days five-star resort for as low as just US$250?

I am very, very VERY sceptical in the first place, but I read the official website again and again and I joined the business, and what do you know, it is for real.

Why does this have to do with the blog? Well, I wanted to see the real Islamic Art and Architecture for real. I have described so many things about it, and yet, I only have very limited access to a real example (I generally only have the internet and books, as well as exhibitions here in Brunei, which I might add is very limited) so I need to go abroad and see the real thing. I want to go to Damascus, Cairo, Morocco or Spain and visit the Taj Mahal, the Alhambra, the Mosques of Cairo, the Hagia Sophia in Turkey…I want to experience the real thing first hand, so I can take this blog further…and also to add to my book writing ideas.

The Alhambra. One of the places I wanted to visit in my entire life. *drools*

So to make this simple, this TVI express business is about the travel industry. You can  get discounted ticket offers as well as bookings for hotels and resorts, alongside if you are interested, a chance to start a business. To have more ideas regarding this company please click here.

If you have any problems, questions or you want to join the business, I will gladly attend to all your inquiries. Just email me at azim_2407@yahoo.com or call me at (international) 6738 8894807.

Thank you for reading!


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