Technical – The Basics – Building a Tesellation with One Simple Shape

I once had posted about how to make a prism Geometrical shape under the Technical section (you can read it here). But if you are lazy to click the link, the following picture might spark your interest –

So for this post, it is about arranging simple shapes like this one, into a beautiful geometric pattern or a tessellation. Muslim artisans had founded quite a number of ways of creating patterns out of simple shapes, along with creating complicated patterns with a number of different but equally simple rhombuses, diamond shapes, squares and the like.

For this kind of shape (prism) there is two common ways in the Islamic world of aesthetics that this shape can be arranged-

  1. Prisms, Squares and Crosses The prisms are arranged in a cross shape, and by arranging in such a way, it will produce a square shape in the middle. This is a very simple pattern, mostly utilized for tiling for floors in Islamic or Muslim environments such as palaces (even in non Islamic areas) , not as wall tiling as it is too simple and not impressive enough to be featured on walls.
  2. Prisms and Stars – This pattern is more common and used more as an Islamic pattern, as wall tiling. The prism shapes are arranged in a row and column, vertical and horizontal alternately. By arranging the shape this way it creates four pointed stars space (resembling the ninja throwing stars, Shurikens, if I might add) between them (highlighted in blue in the figure above)

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