7th of December…Happy 1st Birthday Stars in Symmetry!

It was exactly one year ago since I started this blog. In recent years I had a keen interest in Islamic and Arab art and architecture culture, but I never know anything about it in fine detail – only rough ideas about how different aesthetics are in different countries and yet still follow the same particular style.

As I built this blog from a scratch, I began improvising myself and try to learn what makes each Islamic areas so unique from each other, and yet still resemble Islamic aesthetics in a whole- from books, the internet, Wikipedia, observing photo archives. Against all odds and through pressing matters and stressful times, the blog came to be and I am now dedicated to posting articles here for your reading pleasure (hopefully!)

I have learned quite a lot from this experience and it has since last year made me more keen on my surroundings. But without you readers I would be uninterested to keep this blog up. I had met a number of good people from this blog and exchanged ideas and knowledge and accepted criticisms and building comments and I am very pleased to know people who have the same interests as mine. I personally thank you all for reading my blog for this whole year, and I am hoping you keep on reading.

As for the blog, I am giving it a make-over of sorts. In my opinion the blog is now simpler and cleaner, with the posts are now extracts, so you just have to click read more to…well, read more! And since the posts are shortened you do not have to scroll down a long, long page for something you want to read, or to browse older posts. I hope you like it, and I, as usual, appreciate any comments!

Once again, thank you for reading my humble blog and hopefully the year to come you will still be reading this blog, and there will be more quality posts from me!


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