Technicals – Advanced – Finding The Eight-Pointed Star In a Grid

It’s the 100th post for the blog! Nothing to celebrate much, though.

Anyway, it’s another posting for making the eight-pointed star, this time on a grid! Don’t worry about the “Advanced” tag on the title ; It may be confusing because of the grid, but with a keen eye and careful observation, you can make Eight-pointed stars easier and more accurately (providing that your grids have correct measurements)

  1. First, have your grid ready. One easy way to do this is by using grid paper, and creating extra diagonal lines for each of the squares. done correctly, you would have something that looks like this. Note that you have to do it accurately, since slight differences would make the eight pointed stars turn weird. –
  2. Once you have an accurately measured grid to work on, you only have to find a suitable spot to create your Eight-Pointed stars! Start slowly at first by creating a square. Make it large – take a 3×3 grid –
  3. Add another square, using the original square you have made. Look at the next picture and note where the corners of the next square is placed.

There is nothing “advanced” to this technique, actually. The only hard thing here is about the grid, and making correct alignments and measurements (as the rest of the techniques used to create the Eight-Pointed stars I had noted before.)


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