Technicals – More Variations to the Eight-Pointed Stars

Before, I have posted a few articles regarding the Eight-Pointed Stars, from the basics of building it to a variation or extension of the star. For this post, let us see into more variations of the motif, this time, instead of an external extension to the shape, it will be decorating the inside of the motif itself.

So, start with the basic Eight-Pointed star shape, without the guidelines or any other lines whatsoever, as such –

  1. Adding squares – Add squares to each corner of the motif. You can see that with this method you will create the alternative form of the Eight-Pointed star. You can add another extension to the motif by adding the regular star inside, as shown in figure 2. This is actually a common motif in the Islamic world.
  2. Adding arrow shapes. This is a common motif as well, but a little more complicated than the previous form. By adding arrow shapes to each corner of the shape, as shown in the first, and then adding hexagon joining between the points of the arrows that points into the motif, you will have a very common shape in the Islamic aesthetics.
  3. Adding Hexagons. This is a bit more complicated than the rest of the shapes, and an irregular shape, even to the Islamic world. However, it is not impossible that this form is used, especially by Zillij craftsmen, due to the flexibility of the Zillij Furmah. By adding hexagons to each corners, and overlapping them, will create a unique motif and an alternative look to the traditional Eight-Pointed star.


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