Technicals – The Basics : Arranging Eight-pointed Stars

In the first posts in the Technical category, we have learned how to make the ubiquitous motif in the Islamic aesthetics – the Eight-Pointed Star. Now let us look into how this motif can be arranged to make a pattern. There are many different patterns that can be derived from the Eight-Pointed Stars, however, we shall look into the basic ones, simpler patterns that we can distinguish the stars used in each.

  • The “Stars and Cross”One of the most common pattern done utilizing the Eight-Pointed stars. The design arranges the stars on a straight line, horizontally and vertically. The corners of each stars (in dark blue)connects with each other, creating a cross (in cyan) between them. Another version of this is  by arranging the stars (and subsequently the cross) diagonally, as such –
  • Overlapped

The stars can also be overlapped with each other,  creating a tightly packed pattern with small diamond shaped spaces in between, like the example given above. This pattern can also be recreated into another form by arranging the stars vertically and horizontally using the same idea of overlapping one side of the stars with another in succession.

  • Arranged Horizontally and Diagonally

The stars can also be arranged both horizontally and vertically in one pattern. It creates interesting pattern for the spaces between  between the stars – as you can see in the example above, the spaces created an ‘I’ shape between the stars. However, there is very little versatility arranging the stars into this design because the stars can only be arranged either horizontally or diagonally in each row ; mixing the stars differently in each row would created a more strangely shaped spaces an does not create the effect of uniformity in the pattern.

Soon in another edition in the Technical category, we will look into more different kinds of patterns that can be made using the eight-pointed stars, its variations as well as creating a whole new star using different arrangements.


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