Internet Finds – Gene Turangan Zilij

This one Gene Turangan from Indonesia introduced to me his own kind of Zillij and process last week and I have to say I am pretty impressed with his and his team’s work. With his kind permission, I would like to introduce to you Gene Turangan’s Zillij.

Take a look at his site here and the facebook page here

quoting from his Flickr site –

We have discovered new techniques in processing zillij.My techniques are simple and dont require any particular expertise and results in quicker production and a smoother, lighter table top or panel as no concrete or iron are required. Furmah ,hand cut from any ready made tiles (7 to 8 mm thk) ,we prefer low sheen floor tiles (rustic or monochromatic color)

In other words, he and his team found another way of creating Zillij, the Moroccan tessellation art, using modern equipments and tiles instead of the traditional way. He uses ready made tiles as opposed to traditional tiles which are made into particular shapes that is the Furmah. Using the ready made tiles, he then cuts and shapes them into the form that he wants and then rearranges it into patterns that follows traditional Zillij patterns.

He claims that his creations are more light weight since his method uses no concrete or iron. For me, using modern, ready made tiles instead of traditional fired tiles makes it loses its authentic look, since with the traditional method you can see each and every Furmah is unique. However, I am still very impressed with his work, and for me it is still Zillij no matter what method is employed.

Look as his video from Youtube (a grab from a news bulletin, it’s in Indonesian, but I guess visual can justify)

I salute the efforts this man had made, and I am very much looking forward more to his creations.



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4 responses to “Internet Finds – Gene Turangan Zilij

  1. Nice posting about Moroccan tiles.

  2. Visual can justify!
    Internet finds, my Indonesian Zillij mosaic
    My authentic ,Indonesian Zillij mosaic.

  3. Excellent work !
    where can we find your workshop ?
    i’m intereseted in decorating my new house in Moorish – Andalucian style.
    (tables, wall fountain ect)
    please provide us your contact details

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