Projects – Mashrabia-ish Window Decoration

For quite a while now I was trying to emulate Masyrabia, the pierced screening that is unique to the Arab world. While I do not have access to capable enough carpenter or artisans to create these such beautiful creations of art…or there is, but they charge too expensive. So, I decided to make my own, in a true DIY-er style – with paper and glue!

I wanted to put up my faux-mashrabia on the window that is very much filled with sunlight every morning (it faces eastward) so as you can imagine, the effect every morning is very exciting to see…One reason to wake up early in the morning for me! Also, I like to block out the harsh sunlight in the midday. This project for me have all the right reasons and I worked it out soon enough.

I decided to use both the eight-pointed star and six-pointed star, in different arrangements for the window. The window is the old, eight panes of glass that is operated by a lever as a mean of opening and closing the panes of glass to a certain extend…which to I may add, will allow nothing but a hand (or an arm, if you’re lucky) to go through. So much for safety.

There are two, eight panes of glass windows on the east facing wall, so I decided to decorate on window with eight-pointed stars and the other with six-pointed stars.

This is both of the windows side by side, showing the decorations using the eight-pointed stars on the right and the six-pointed stars on the left. As you can see it allows enough sunlight to pour in, as well as allowing me to see the view.

I’m sorry that I don’t have the pictures  when I was making the stars and the process of sticking it on the window panes, but I can say that it is simply a matter of cutting patterns out of scrap paper and using a stick of glue to stick it on the panes. Voila, you have your instant faux-mashrabia.

A close-up view on one of the window pane. This is the eight-pointed star pattern, and turn it in a slight angle.

It is always a delight to see the sunlight pours in through the windows ; the shadows of the stars are just relaxing to look at, even though it is not as perfect as the Mashrabia in the Arab world, nor does it offers good air circulation when the windows is closed.

The left part of the window, showing the six-pointed star pattern in different arrangements.


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