Internet Finds – Yama Azizi Website

I would like to bring forward this website of a commenter who is in my opinion, have a very inspiring creativity and a very interesting take on the traditional Islamic art.

Yama Azizi is an Afghan artist who is in my opinion is a great artist who have fused traditional Islamic art and general aesthetics with modern, edgy twists. His creations of Islamic calligraphy (like the one above) on the front page of his website clearly shows his apparent talent of combining the modern and the traditional. I admire this  take on the Islamic art.

I am no art critic, nor I can give any good commenting. But browsing through his galleries, I can see his efforts in making his artworks as perfect as the artisans in the past generation does.  I personally love his Islamic inspired designs in his gallery and I am very impressed on how immaculate it looks. Have a look into his Youtube video –

As well as Islamic art inspired works, he also made some other works that is just as impressive.  He does designs for clothing, posters and the like.

I quote from his website –

My love of Art began over 15 years ago. I think nothing can serve better than Art to deliver the message of unity , beauty, love, peace and reconciliation in our war-torn society.

And I cannot agree more.  He, in my opinion, represents his art and culture from a war torn country.

To Yama Azizi, I salute your works, and I am looking forward to see your work and your growth. (and hopefully you wont mind introducing your works to my readers! 🙂 )


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