Projects – Mushaf Cover Project

As promised, here are a few examples of my work I have submitted to a local university for a Mushaf cover Design competition.

There were a few problems I have faced while doing the work. First I have little time with my work demanding much of my waking hours, working for the largest medical institution in my country does have its downsides. As well as time consuming, it is also energy exhausting as I find it hard to have the energy to complete my art works. The second is that my laptop broke down unexpectedly, just as I have done the rough works for the submission, and about to finalize the designs on the computer. Turns out the HDD burnt out and failed to operate. It took almost two weeks to order the new HDD and the installation. Third is my health, physically and mentally is deteriorating, due to the work load, stress and emotional problems I have to handle myself, without anyone to share it with. At this time I realized that no one will ever be there to support you and taught myself to pick myself up…*emotional talk ends here*

However, I kept up my spirit up and worked as hard as I could to finish the submissions, and by God’s will, I finished a total of three samples in the nick of time, and submitted the samples by the dateline! thank goodness by the last minute I was going to send in the samples, there weren’t much of a problem, except that is I had to get up early after a night shift to print out the works, and send them in…which leads to another problem – I don’t know the exact location of the University. So I have to drive around in the area, and lo and behold, the university sits on top of a shady hill…and the building itself is decorated with…pentagrams. Creepy. But the building is just a lended building – they will have a new building in a few years or so. After some confusion of where is the administration building was, I finally handed over my works.

Sorry if the image is small and blurry. It is an A4 sized work, I am not quite sure why it turns out small, neither will I resize it…lazy much? And I just had to add the small watermark. This one is the border of the first sample I submitted. I used the national emblem as a part of the motif, as well as “Air Muleh”, a traditional design in Bruneian culture, with my own twist. The motifs are encased in dome like shapes, as so to symbolize Islam as the core to all Bruneian culture.

This is the Sajdah mark for the first sample. The middle decoration is taken from stone carving of Old Brunei…actually it is a common design for tombstones of Old Bruneian Royalty.

This is the front cover design for the second sample. I am quite proud of this one. Plenty of Islamic designs I amalgamated into this particular sample – The ubiquitous star design on the middle which I deleted the center to make way for any texts, and the cartouches along the border of the design, with calligraphic work featuring the name of the University  in Arabic.

This is the Juz marker for the second sample. I combined the “Air Muleh” with traditional Islamic Arabesque designs which I have to say, plays together well and harmoniously.

This is from the third and final sample of the submissions. I decided that this one is heavier on the Islamic Aesthetics.  The border uses the six-pointed star in which the four corners filled with the logo of the University. The middle of the work features a unique combination of Arabesque and Geometrical designs.


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