Projects : Islamic Star Pattern Wallpapers

After I discovered the Taprats application on the internet, I have been playing with it for a while, trying multiple effects and patterns ; some are successful and looks like off from a glazed wall somewhere in Morocco or Spain, but most looks like nothing but arranged jumble of scribbles and mess that can only make the brain melt with confusion.

And then I wondered, maybe I can make use of this application for something for my blog. And I though I can make some wallpapers off it. and so I did, and I made three wallpapers using this application, slightly edited so you wont get seizures while searching your desktop for that elusive icon you want to use. I played around with Taprats, trying to use every single combination and types available, until I decided to use more simple, commonly used in Islamic decoration geometrical designs.

So here they are, all three are in 1024×768 resolution. No other resolutions are availbale for the meanwhile, sorry! Please click on any to enlarge, and right-click to save the picture and set it up later as your desktop wallpaper.

The six pointed star design, repeated in two shades of blue. This is one of the most common star designs in Islamic Geometric art. I decide to give it a soft glow so to soften the contrast between white and the dark blue colour.

The eight-pointed star, extended and joined with five-pointed stars, in two shades of green. Again, the eight pointed star is very common in the art of Islamic Geometrical designs.The glow here is less apparent, but I decreased the brightness a little, so it looked more dull than the rest of the wallpapers.

Irregular shaped eight-pointed star, with rounded five-pointed star in two shades of red. This design is uncommon for Islamic geometrical designs, and I guess I have verged too much on the Taprats application. However it looks like it could fit into the decoration of Islamic buildings. The glow is just like the blue one, but it is less bright, since red is bright enough for me.

I know these three wallpapers are not very professional (it is my amateur work, and I only just know how to work a photo editing software), forgive me, it is my first try into these things, and my first project using computers instead of pen and paper to “draw” these designs. As usual, any comments on how can I improve and anything else you want to point out to me, I would be glad to hear them out. I will be doing this again for my next project, as long as there is demand.

Enjoy! and oh, all the wallpapers are free for you. 🙂 just please don’t delete the watermark and please tell me if you would like to use it for other websites, I’ll be glad to help you out.



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4 responses to “Projects : Islamic Star Pattern Wallpapers

    • Hi Gene,

      Thanks for both of the comments, I found them to be very helpful (even though one is in French, but I got through it) Definitely will use them for my upcoming posts!


  1. How come star david is one of the most common star designs in Islamic Geometric art ? (wallpaper star blue)

    • Thank you for your comment. Have you heard of Najm Daud, or Khatem Sulaiyman? These are two Arabic words used to refer to the six pointed star or sometimes called The Star of David. The Hexagram is used in many religions such as Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and even Islam, though in the latter it is most usually used as decoration. why is it a common design? I am not very sure but I know it is widely used throughout the Islamic world.

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