Technicals – A Variation of the Eight-Pointed Star

Before I have shown you how to create one of Islam’s prominent geometrical motif, the Eight-Pointed-Star. In this edition I would like to show you another variation of the star.

I have forgotten to mention in my last post, the Arabic name for the motif is Rub’ el-Hizb (ربع الحزب) meaning ‘quarter of a group’ – Rub’ means one-fourth or quarter, and Hizb means a group or party. Originally it is used in the division of the Al-Quran. The Al-Quran is divided into 60 Hizb. The motif is used to mark a quarter of one Hizb, while a Hizb is half of a Juz.

It is also a common shape to be used on logos and flags, most usually in the Islamic or Arabic states. It is used in the coat of arms of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, logo of the Cairo Metro and the 2009 Arab Capital of Culture – Al-Quds.

There are two ways to create the alternate version of the eight-pointed star : –

1. Using the original eight-pointed star.

This method is more simple , so it takes the first spot. Start off by drawing an eight-pointed star. (you can refer to my last post).

Extend the lines from the original shape. Don’t worry for the excess, you can erase it later. Do it for the vertical lines first…

The extend the lines for the diagonal lines.

You should note that all the lines that are extending should meet each other.

Clean the excess lines as needed, and as usual, clean as needed, that is, you can erase the original eight-pointed star for some complexity or erase it for a cleaner look.

2. Start off from scratch.

This method is harder, but I will still tell you how to, in case you would like to try it.

Start off with a square. Be sure the dimensions of the sides of the square are equal, otherwise you would end up in an asymmetrical shape rather than symmetrical.

Like the above method, extend the lines from the square.

Draw a line from the extended line of the square from any side of the square (in this case, the left side) and draw it to the third line from your original line downwards or upwards (this instance, downwards) , as such.

Draw two lines where the line you just draw meet. It should look like a half of a square. this will be your guideline.

Continue drawing another line from the extended square line, and repeat drawing the guideline.

Repeat the last two steps until you find yourself having drawn the alternative form of the eight-pointed star. You can also note that you also drawn the original shape of the star.

Erase the guidelines and clean accordingly.

ربع الحزب

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