Observations – Islamic Art Usage

For this one, I would like to put forward the usage of Islamic art namely Geometric and Arabesques in religious and secular environs. You would be surprised how much these geometrical art and patterns are used all throughout. I have been meaning to post this for quite some time, but the pics I took sits stubbornly in my mobile phone, not wanting to be transferred…until now.

This is a piece of stamped paper I got from Singapore. You see, while I was in transit to Bali, I had some few hours at Changi, Singapore’s airport. There was quite some interesting places to go in the terminals, and an Asian Art exhibit was one of them. There were this nifty, antique press mechanisms that were presented there, along with small stick-0n note sized papers and visitors are encouraged to use the machines to produce these beautiful relief art on the papers. There were lotuses, floral motifs, animal reliefs and of course this eight-pointed star, for which the exhibition referred to as basic Islamic art.

I took this in a small mosque in Denpasar, Bali. I was there for a week, and I had to perform my friday prayers. Mind you, I have to take this using my small camera phone (2MP), because a conventional, point-and-shoot cameras would garner too much attention. The decor around the mosque is nothing typically Islamic, mostly south-east asian decor, but my eyes were set to this chandelier. It utilizes star shaped prisms glass encasement arranged in such a way that it resembles Muqarnas, the decoration most prominent in Central Asia and in Andalusian Spain.

I took this one in Brunei, at the International Convention Centre. We went there for a consumer fair and a media fair for the local TV station. This particular one is actually a stairway railing, done in iron. I was waiting for my nephew and nieces to do their colouring (there was a colouring contest) and I didn’t notice it at first, but soon I saw the geometrical shape I immediately produced my phone camera and took a pic. It looks great, I would love to have something like it installed in my own home!

This is how the railing looks like in its entirety, if you are interested in knowing how it looks like. The star is confined in a box, and added with some x-shaped decorations around it, to fill the awkward void in between the levels.

Believe it or not, this is fencing for a military camp! Actually, a military camp and the Ministry of Defense of Brunei Darussalam nearby. Sorry for a rather low quality pic, it is zoomed in to maximum level on my camera phone. You can see they were using the Eight-pointed star and cross motif, and also they added some details in the eight-pointed stars themselves. It is made to a very good effect, very intricate and beautiful, even though the place it was decorating is somehow questionable.


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