Project #2 – The Recycled Box

I have lots of projects done, with Arabesques or geometrical designs as inspirations. Over the years I have accumulated quite lots of things, from small items to large ones, all in the name of Islamic Aesthetics. As a student (and a worker who would like to save for better future) I usually don’t have much to begin with, so I recycle. While expressing my creativity, I save myself from wasting too much.

I collect boxes, so naturally I do my projects on this readily available material. With some art and craft tools in hand, I was on my way expressing my passion for Arabesques and Geometrical designs.

I have done this one using a container, used to store peanut cookies. The box is quite hardy, and I think it is a very good material to work on. I did this some 3, 4 years ago. I just finished upper secondary school and found myself with nothing to do at home.

I cannot show you the steps during the construction of this box, though it is quite simple anyhow. I use a combination of Arabesques and Geometrical design, geometric since I use the eight-pointed star motif, Arabesques because of the curvy lines instead of straight lines.

The lid is actually hot pink in colour, so I whipped out a can of black spray paint, and sprayed the lid all over. However, I found out that the paint would not stick well to the rather rubbery lid, so I did something to make it adhere more, which I will explain in detail later.

I traced the radius of the lid onto a stiff paper, and made my design within the circle. I did not use any rulers actually, I just draw the design freehand. Though it is as not symmetrical as it should be, at least it looked like it. I then painted it silver.

After drawing the design and letting the paint dry , I cut the whole thing out. Using a paper knife, I cut out the geometrical design, until at one point, I accidentally ripped one part. I was frustrated, but I found a way to repair it and at the same time protect the paint on the lid.

I pasted the design carefully over the lid using the normal glue stick. I doesn’t adhere as well, so I used a bottle of glue varnish all over the lid, both to stick the design well and properly as well as to protect the black paint under it so it wont chip away. If you are not familiar with this glue varnish, you can make your own from PVA glue diluted with a little water. The result should be clear-coloured. Remember to wash your brushes afterwards, unless you want a stiff, good for nothing paint brush that you would eventually throw away.

I use this box to store (empty in this pic, because I put the items away) my silvers and watches – a jewelery box, you can say. Even though I can buy a better one at shops with better finishes and touches, nothing beats a handmade item.



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2 responses to “Project #2 – The Recycled Box

  1. Sana

    lovely! All your projects are so creative. Agree with you 100%, that nothing beats a handmade piece. 🙂

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