Gaga over Geometry Monday #4 – Computer Islamic Art

It is unbelievable that I have been posting on this blog for four weeks now -give or take a few days , it is almost a month. The first time I started this blog, I wanted to discuss the geometric patterns of Islamic Art, but now it extends to the general view of the art form. Nevertheless, it gave me so much pleasure to write this blog, and along the way, I have learned so many things about Islamic art, my own culture and religion, that before never caught my interest and imaginations and much as now.

For this edition of Gaga over Geometry Monday (I guess it should be renamed Imagining Islamic Aesthetics Monday from now on, because the subjects is going slowly off topic – let me know what you think!) we shall look into computer generated Islamic art.

In addition to the perfect computer generated examples of  Islamic art that is Taprats , I have some more computer generated Islamic Art in my hard drive . Filed under my picture folder, it is actually a series of borders intended for embellishments of invitation and greeting cards. Among the borders and the decorations inside the folders there are a number of good Islamic (or Islamic-inspired) ones.

This is one of my favourite, and it earns the top place, as you can see. I love the colours used, subtle and not too bright, and the Arabesques are perfectly aligned and symmetrical. Note the interlacing design.

The ubiquitous eight point star shape. I can imagine the artist who did this took his/her inspiration from the tiles product of Turkey or Central Asia. In real world, this design would be accompanied by a cross, to fill in the space between each stars.

This is also one of my favourite, though I edited some of the colours, so it is not the original (and I accidentally overwrite the pic. The turquoise parts are actually dark maroon, if you would be interested in imagining how the original looked like). This pattern would actually be seen in mostly in Zellige tilings in Morocco.

One of the border example in the folder. I think this border would be used for decoration of calligraphy. Note the arabesques, the intertwining leaves and stems that flourish from a central flower design.

One of the black-and-white design. It is a medallion design with arabesques border. This is where we can see how the arabesques are in play with geometrical design and how symmetrical everything are.



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3 responses to “Gaga over Geometry Monday #4 – Computer Islamic Art

  1. Hello,
    As I was browsing the internet I run into your website since it shows several images from our company ( These images have copyrights, and we appreciate you giving us the credit. Please browse our website, and we love to help you in any further information or question you may have. I have enclosed below a direct showing from our website for one of the images you are using.

    Kind regards,

    Marwan Aridi
    Aridi Computer Graphics, Inc.

    • Salam,
      I am sorry that I posted the images without your permission. I will delete the images as needed. Thanks for pointing it out, and again I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. He just asked for credit. He didn’t ask you to delete them!

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