Gaga over Geometry Monday #3 – Iznik Tiles

So even though the basic concept of Gaga over Geometry and subsequently the whole blog itself drifts away from the idea of Geometric Design into the General Islamic Art, I will still name this weekly post as Gaga over Geometry. But hey, most of the Islamic Art involves Geometrical pattern and symmetry, so I guess it is okay.

Our focus for today is the Iznik ceramics. Iznik is a name of a town in western Anatolia, Turkey famous for its production of colourful pottery and tiles with floral motifs. We will discuss about the Iznik ceramics in more details in a few more posts.

In the meanwhile, let us see some of the examples of these ceramics.

This is one of the Iznik tile decoration in Selimiye Mosque in the Edirne, Turkey. Note the Chinese like motif in the forms of floral and vegetal pattern.

This is a Saz-style panel of Iznik pottery now being displayed in the Louvre, France. It seems that the Iznik tile artisans while taking their inspirations from floral and vegetal motifs, they also took their patterns from peacock feathers.

This is another example of Iznik Tiling. This particular speciment is taken from the Enderun Library in the Topkapi Palace, Istanbul, Turkey. You can note that the preferred colours used are shades of blue and ochre, along with greens.

An Iznik pottery plate, presumably in a museum in Istanbul, Turkey. This is an example to show you that the Iznik Pottery is not limited to just for architectural decoration, but to daily items as well. Look how similar it is to the traditional China – the blue colours and the floral and vegetal motif. This is clearly to say that the artisans of these fine artworks took their inspirations from Chinese articles.

Another excellent example of daily life pottery, this time in the form of a lamp for a mosque. This particular example is presumably from a museum in Lyon, France. Note, like the last example, the similarity of this one to China pottery.


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