Gaga over Geometry Monday #2 – Muqarnas

We have studied the form and function of Muqarnas architetural feature in Islamic art and architecture. In case you felt that the pics on the post is not enough, I am posting more pics here!

This is a picture of Qutb Minar, in India, Delhi : A minaret-like tower with Islamic decoration all around with traditional Hindu style of architecture. You can see the Quran isncriptions on the circumference of the tower. On the top of the balcony, there is the beauty that is Muqarnas decorating above the Quranic inscriptions.

This is a more modern Muqarnas decoration in Albukhary Mosque in Alor Setar, Malaysia. Note the ubiquitous eight-pointed star in the motif, and note how it expands to form the architectural feature.

This is a picture of  a Muqarnas decoration above a portal for a Mosque in Bursa, Turkey. I am thinking the style would be designed by Sinan, the Chief Architect of the Royal family. Note how he integrated floral designs into the Muqarnas. Another feature noteworthy is the pieced screen in the lower middle of the Muqarnas.

I took this from and it have the caption of Cuba Muqarnas, I am not sure what it refers.It is in Palermo, Italy and by the looks of it, it is either Muslim influences on a local building or an actual muslim building that fall into ruin. See the ornamentation that decorates the pattern, and the borders below the Muqarnas.

This is a close up picture of the Muqarns decoration on a mosque named Qazveh Jame’, and by the name and the style of the decoration I can say it is in Iran or somewhere in Central Asia. Note that the Muqarnas are made with small square tiles, and utilizing the mosaics, calligraphy are done in Kufic style, integrated into the Muqarnas.

I adore this pic, and I salute the photographer for capturing the essence of beauty of the decorations. According to the picture caption, it is taken in Samarkand, the second largest city in Uzbekistan. Looking at this facade, I think the picture is of the facade of a Madrassa  (Religious School) named Tilla-Kari. The cobalt blue and the golden yellow used in the decoration is harmonious and inspire awe to those who came across it. I took this picture from a website called

This is another breathtaking example of Central Asian style Muqarnas, taken, again from We can see how the geometrical design intertwine with the arabesques and how harmoniously it works out on a Muqarnas decoration. With multiple shades of blue, gold, black and white it is a sight to behold and a pleasure to the eyes.

The Mocárabe of  the palaces and mosques of Al-Andalus are not as colourful or extravagant as the Central Asian Muqarnas, but it is as awe-inspiring. The ornamentation range from tilings to stone carving to calligraphy and of course the Mocárabe on this wall. Taken from, a picture of a window wall in Alhambra, Spain.



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2 responses to “Gaga over Geometry Monday #2 – Muqarnas

  1. MJ

    The mosque in Bursa is Yeşil Camii, built well before Mimar Sinan was even born.

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