Project #1 – Big Things Start Small

I will feature my projects about this Geometric / Arabesque designs that I am doing from time to time. Another reason for you to keep checking out this blog 🙂

How It All Started

Ever since I became obsessed with these repeating patterns – 4 or maybe 5 years ago – I have been making, or at least trying to make them. Sometimes sucessfully, most of the time not going so well. But as most people say, You learn from experiences…and observations and the right techniques. When I first discovered these work of arts, I was astounded on how it looks so perfect, almost unnaturally perfect. Stars and lines side by side, weaving into each other and creating these dazzling patterns,  swirling to infinity.

I was obsessed by vegetal and floral patterns as well. I drooled over decadent Persian / Oriental carpets, following every inch of the lines that creating the forms of vegetations and flowers, in mutitude of colours, following it into the seemingly haphazard, yet organized nests of ivies and lillies, until I got nauseous and drown in the pleasure of observing these greart works of art.

Since then, I tried – without any techniques or any real knowledge on the subject – to create, or more accurately, emulate, the geometric lines and the arabesques. Rather unsuccessful attempts, but then I was just being observant, just trying to emulate it based on my memory.

I found this on my old textbook. And no, I’m not vandalizing government properties. I photocopied the whole book so I am allowed to scribble away. You can see here I was trying to make the radial star pattern but I got carried away. Now you can see how these patterns go to infinity.

I drawn this (still on my photocopied text book) after looking at a similar pattern for a ceiling design in an interior design book. It is actually Victorian, but there is still Geometric pattern in play. I also attempted to replace the faces and figures with arabesques.

The motherlode of all my sketching! I was  inspired by ‘Carpet Pages’ of illuminated manuscripts and pierced screens of Middle Eastern homes. It took the whole page of a textbook!

Many more to come.



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2 responses to “Project #1 – Big Things Start Small

  1. Muhammad

    As-Salam Alaikum, great work Masha’Allah. could you please get me the blue wallpaper in high resolution? I want to use it for a flyer. Thanks

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