Gaga over Geometry Monday #1

Here I will post some of the finds I got through the Internet. Having broadband at home and high speed internet in the office, it would be such a waste not to utilize them, no?

I spent hours and hours looking for beautiful examples of Islamic geometric and Arabesque designs and I would be lying if I said I never found any breathtaking ones.

I will post this Gaga over Geometry on every Monday, so visit often! or at least, every Monday.  😉 I will feature a different theme every week and in this week it is all about Zillij.

These set of photos are about Zilllij Tiles (also spelled Zellige), a rather special kind of tilling from Morocco. you see, these geometric art are more characteristic to Morocco and Andalusia, while the curvy, vegetal motifs are more common to the Arabian, Middle East.

I love looking at this one : the combination of the colours are pretty and pleasant to the eyes. The colours gradually darken from light pinks, blues and mint greens to darker maroon, forest green and dark blue and then returns, in the center, to pale pink – the colour of the stars in the outer border. The design is noteworthy as well. The lines are done interlaced, and the stars are those of 8-pointed stars.

I think you have already noticed how radial these designs can be. Here is one shining example of the fact. Starting from a small black multi pointed star, it then blooms into more stars in a circular fashion. The colours are muted and subtle, not characteristic to the usual Moroccan colour palatte, but a good effect whatsoever.

This is another beautiful example of the traditional Zillij Tiles. The colours are the exact ones you expect to find decorating the walls of a Moroccan or Andalucian palace. As usual, the 8-pointed star is in the center, and blooms with more multitude of stars. This is actually a photo taken in the Spanish Andalusia palace of Alhambra.

You would never think that this design is the same as the rest, except for the stars, due to the hexagonal shape. Here you can see the progression of the central star to the five pointed star, to the eight pointed stars in the outer border. The colours are a bit gloomy, but still a wonderful example.

This is an example of how these Zillij works on a wall. This one is taken from Saadian tombs in Marrakesh, Morocco. Note that the dado is decorated with Quranic inscriptions, in two different styles – Kufic and Thuluth. Again, the radial form of the design shows and accentuated (and highlighted) with two different colours, red and blue, complimented with tones of light green, tan and black.

More coming next week, keep visiting!


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